"In vino veritas".



Made of functional thermoplast foils such as PET and PVC have been popular classics with us for years. They have proven themselves in small series production and in special sizes. A large number of exclusive wineries swear by them. Because principally they are as simple as they are good.


You can find standard capsules in the dimensions 30 x 60 mm and 31 x 60 mm in 50 different Morlo standard colours as well as 5 colour design lines

e.g. standard line, basic line, antique line, metallic line or transparent.

Special sizes and flexibility are ideal prerequisites for small series and contract call-offs.

70 years of premium quality in innovative
wine capsules and champagne capsules.
That leaves you wanting more.


Possibilities for further enhancement:

  • Printing on the top and sides
  • Hot foil embossing 
  • Relief embossing in the top of the capsule
  • Standard colours 
  • Special colours 
  • Up to 4 colour prints 
  • Functional Morlo standard tear-off
  • With or without perforation
  • Ventilation of the bottle top lid 
  • High gloss or silk matt

Morlo meets your customized requirements with all normal surface designs available on the market.

                 from Morlo

For the best that is in the bottle, only the best on the bottleneck will suffice. That’s how you get quality in the glass.

Morlo refines the products that you, as a wine grower, have created with your great expertise and experience! 


Morlo is your partner for value and visuality in shrink capsules.