High-quality shrink capsules | Wine capsules from Morlo.

Our shrink capsules are the crowning glory for any cork. The design, the very best materials available and first-class workmanship in top quality.

Established processes and practised quality awareness ensure smooth production of our shrink capsules | wine capsules and that quality is consistent throughout the whole production chain. Made in Germany. From St. Ingbert to the whole world.


Tear open and enjoy. Hmm, delicious.
We open up previously unimagined possibilities for a refined finish to the top and neck of your bottles.


Champagne capsules

For unforgettable moments. Stylish in elegant Duplo quality.


Crown corks

Made of tinplate, aluminium or stainless steel

For champagnes, seccos and mixed wine beverages. Various inlays and different integrated bidules ensure the maturing process in the bottle.