Proven in quality. 
     Crown corks from Morlo.

Crown corks from Morlo are manufactured from various thicknesses of tinplate and then individually refined according to customers’ requirements for glass and PET bottles.


Morlo deals in special crown corks that meet the specific requirements of the filling process for champagnes that are fermented in the bottle. 


Made of high-quality tinplate, aluminium or stainless steel with far superior material and coating thicknesses compared to other similar crown corks used in the beverage industry.




By integrating various inlays and different types of bidule into our crown corks, the maturing process in the bottle is ensured and the exchange of oxygen is reduced in order to meet high quality demands.


Preservability, suitability for storage and resistance to pressure - these are the sophisticated requirements of the sparkling wine industry which our crown corks are consistently able to meet.


With increased interest in coloured, printed and individually designed crown corks for seccos and mixed wine beverages, our products have further developed and established themselves over the last few years to meet the demands of an ever-more discerning market.