The good thing about
         it is what’s on.

In our production processes, we always add something extra on top. At the beginning, there is the design and the question as to how we can present your product in the best light. And which capsule solution is the right one. We cooperate with you to find suitable possibilities for enhancement.  


High value laminate foils made of two layers of aluminium and an intermediate layer of polyethylene mean that you can obtain a totally new look for innovative bottle capsules from Morlo. This process opens up unforeseen creative possibilities for your brand in refining the top and neck of your bottles and spirits.


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Polylaminate capsules from Morlo

Brave new capsule world from Morlo. Elegant multicolour printing in flexo or gravure printing, in foil embossing or relief embossing.

Our polylaminate capsules

  • Available in standard capsule lengths
  • Hot embossing on the side
  • Hot embossing on the top
  • Relief embossing on the top