When it pops,


that´s when we come into play.

One should never pass by an opportunity to celebrate. The sound of a popping champagne bottle stands symbolically for such a special moment.

It is at those beautiful, unforgettable moments, that we open a bottle of bubbly. A perfect thought for us at Morlo where we manufacture champagne capsules in the highest quality.

High quality champagne capsules, 

                    capsule design in many variations... 


Morlo manufactures capsules for a diverse range of purposes on state-of-the-art, special machines. In the last 10 years, our company has delivered 600 million capsules for champagne wine bottles and 3.5 billion capsules for wine bottles. As well as producing large batches, we also stockpile and sell small quantities of neutral standard capsules at attractive terms so that smaller bottling companies can also bring high quality enhancement to their product as valued clients. 

75 million champagne capsules made of aluminium and aluminium composite materials in 2017 stand for your company’s excellent ""Morlo Quality Requirements"".



Champagne capsules from Morlo.

We crown whatever is fizzing in the bottle with our elegant high-quality capsules. Our caps of good hope.
Stylish in exquisite Duplo quality. These factors are unshakeable.

For unforgettable

One of the best things about our work is that there
is always a good reason to celebrate.

The benefits we offer: 

  • Quality in all sizes
  • Exquisite hot foil embossing
  • Special tear-off perforations / tear-off tab  
  • Cork ventilation holes in different variants  
  • Capsule granulation
  • Inner printing with tear-off tab