out of tradition!


Structure meets brand strategy:

Thinking leads to change. And an enterprise comes from being enterprising. For 70 years now, we have been at the cutting edge in the manufacture of top-class bottle capsules. Among our customers – leading wine growers, champagne producers and vendors of vinegar and oil, Morlo has long since been “on everyone’s lips” "as a premium supplier.".


For us, there is the good feeling and secure sense of being on the right path. Of developing innovation that goes beyond tradition. And it is our incentive for the future, to continue to orientate Morlo as a supplier of high-quality solutions.


Flexible, fast to respond and dependable.

From the very first design draft right through to series production of the individualized high-quality bottle capsule, we provide you, as our customers, with flexible consultation and with a fast response. 

We, at Morlo, are your reliable partner for the design, development, production and delivery of shrink capsules and champagne capsules that meet the highest demands of quality and visual appearance.